11 Teacher Memes That Make Me Feel Weird

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I will start this post by saying that I love teachers and I am one. I think they're funny and smart and strong and powerful, and I will defend them and what they do forever.

Next, I will say that after a brief Google search, I found a LOT of memes about teaching that made me feel weird. Please note that this is not because there is something wrong with the people who created these memes, and is entirely because there is something wrong with me.

Here we go.


The visual I have with this one is a parent putting their hand on my arm and saying, "Most people find you kind of dumb and unimportant, but some children who don't know any better think you’re amazing, LOL! Hugs!"


I would like for them to not forget what I said. 


This made me laugh out loud, especially the idea of giving this to a kindergarten teacher since they teach children who have ONE NAME TO REMEMBER. Also wouldn't it be funny to make one that was like, "They may forget your name, what you look like, and everything you taught them. They may forget your entire personality and that you are a sentient being. They may forget having ever stepped foot in your classroom." And just end it there.


I know this is meant as a rebuttal to someone saying, "Why would you want to be a teacher since they make no money?" but I only ever read it as "Pay me nothing! I am a robot teacher and do not eat or need housing beyond my storage closet where I recharge, boop beep bop." 


45 is the number of seconds I sat staring at this meme intensely before I got it.


Um, excuse me, Mr. Kazantzakis? This bridge would like to know if collapsing is mandatory?

Additionally, my next yearbook picture will be in this pose, I've decided.


“There you go, Johnny. You are no longer the ignorant fool who walked in my room last September. I’ve healed you! You can thank me with a Starbucks card.”


Here’s how I would improve this one: "Teach like a pineapple. Have a thick skin, but let people slice you up for parties. Remember that you are not great on pizza."

(This is why I don’t make memes.)

Also, I’ve been teaching for seven years. WHERE ON EARTH IS MY CROWN AND WHY DO OTHER TEACHERS HAVE THEM.

Also (again), does this mean I don't have to be sweet on the outside?


Love the sentiment. For sure would have gone with a different metaphor.


But what if your heart is made of books?! 


NOPE to this illustration and to the romanticized idea of my profession killing me. Goodbye.

That's all for today.




  1. I still don't get #5...

    1. I think it is because teachers have to "bite their tongue" around students (and parents, admin, co-workers)

  2. Oh my word, you made me laugh out loud. Thank you. I'm still waiting on my crown as well. But I don't want it to be green leaves, really. :)

  3. Hilarious and also kind of sad that this is how we try to comfort ourselves about the sorry state of our profession.


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