What grades do you teach/have you taught?
I will be teaching 8th grade next year, but have taught 7th and 8th in the past. I am afraid of 6th graders.

Were you an education major, or did you do alternate certification?
I did alternate certification. I was an English major, and I was positive I would never go the teaching route. Life is funny :)

Why don't you post more lesson plans/resources/?
Dahhh, I wish I had time! As soon as I get a hold of that Time Turner from Harry Potter, I'll make it happen. For now I'm more of a storyteller-type broad.

Why do you stay anonymous?
First and foremost to protect the identity of my students. Second to protect my voice. Third so that you don't look up this old, awkward picture of me on Google images that I don't know how to take down :(

You have a typo in your post and you're an English teacher!
Yes! This happens a lot :) Me is not know how to reads good.

I can't find one of your old posts/I clicked on a link of yours on Pinterest but the link is faulty.
Yeah, the writing process for blogging is interesting. For the most part, I try not to mess with anything after I post it, but sometimes I go back and delete or edit old posts if I see that they're not quite in line with my writing goals now. But no, you're not crazy: sometimes links do go into hiding :)

I'm a first-year teacher or about to be a first-year teacher. Do you have any tips on how to not have a terrible first year?
Absolutely! My first piece of advice would be to read Harry Wong's The First Days of School and follow it, even if it feels weird or awkward or like it would create a robotic classroom (it won't). Also, I have written some other pieces of advice in this post (http://www.loveteachblog.com/2013/05/the-top-ten-things-i-wish-id-known-as.html), and am planning on writing another similar post soon. Good luck!


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